What Is a Good Font for Latin Tattoos?

Elegant script calligraphy or old-style cursive are typically used for Latin lettering tattoos. Since Latin is a historically a romance language, when used with these style fonts and combined with unique textual flourishes, the tattoo art is able to achieve a total look of classic elegance.

There are a huge selection of unique script fonts already available that can be previewed online as well as offered for free for personal use or for purchase.

Most notably, some good fonts for Latin tattoos are Kaligraf Latin, Chopin Script, Sverige Script, Jane Austen, Ink in the Meat, Angilla Tattoo, and Scriptina Pro to name a few. There are more that can be previewed for free at font sites like dafont.com. On these sites, there is an option to input text to see how the wording will appear in various kinds of fonts. If the fonts look great and match the style, easily download the font directly from the site for use.

On top of these fonts available online, there are also custom typographic artists, as well as tattoo artists, who are able to create their own special lettering by hand. Take some time to inquire at a tattoo parlor to see what custom services are available.