What Are Some Good Examples of Base Words?

Good examples of base words include “instruct,” “act,” “paint” and “call.” A base word can have a prefix or suffix added to create a new word. A base word is also known as a root word or a stem.

“Instruct” serves as the base word for “instruction,” “instructor” and “reinstruct.” “Act” is the base word for “action,” “reaction” and “react.” “Paint” is the base for “repaint” or “repainted.” “Call” is the base for “recall,” “caller” and “called.”

The meaning of the base word combines with the meaning of the prefix or suffix to create the meaning of the new word. For example, one definition for “act” is how a person behaves. The prefix “re-” means again or back. “React,” the combination of the two, is to act as a response.