What Is a Good Example of a VA Appeal Letter?

A good example of a VA appeal letter is posted on GreatSampleResume.com. An acceptable VA appeal letter has the applicant’s name, claim number and all of the decisions the applicant disagrees with, based on the Veterans Affairs’ decision letter, explains GreatSampleRecipe.com. The applicant can simply state the decisions he disagrees with, or he can go into detail about every decision and explain why he believes each claim is wrong, according to HowtoAssembleVAClaims.com.

A good Veterans Affairs appeal letter must include proper documentation and verification as to why the applicant believes the VA is wrong in its original decision, notes GreatSampleResume.com. Veterans must submit all appeals into the regional Veterans Affairs office rather than to the medical center he typically visits.

It is important to submit all appeals within one year of the original decision, as they are not acceptable after that time, states HowtoAssembleVAClaims.com. Before filing any claims, a decision review officer should review the claim. The decision review officer can make decisions on the new claim and approve or deny the appeal. If the decision of the review officer is also disputable, it is possible to file a traditional appeal by the Board of Veterans’ Appeal. The board is made of veterans of all offices and not just local Veterans Affairs officials.