What Is a Good Closing Prayer for a Funeral?

A good closing prayer for a funeral is “Closing Prayer” by Reverend Colin Green and “No Vacancy” from Telling Ministries. Another good closing prayer for a funeral is “Dave’s Funeral – Closing Prayer” by JoAn Hulen, which thanks God for salvation through his son.

“Closing Prayer” begins with a statement before the prayer that the deceased is both a treasured friend and family member. It states that the prayer is the end of the memorial and celebration service for the deceased. The prayer thanks God for His goodness and His hopeful message. Attendees aspire to live as the deceased lived and express appreciation that the deceased now lives with God in heaven. The prayer ends with a request to keep attendees safe so that one day they might also live with the deceased in heaven.

“Dave’s Funeral – Closing Prayer” expresses gratitude to God for eternal life. The prayer says that the deceased person is an example of love. The prayer expresses grief for the loss of the loved one, but joy that the loved one walks in heaven. In the prayer, the speaker asks for God’s peace. God lifts up the downtrodden and encourages the empty on eagle’s wings, the prayer says in closing.

“No Vacancy” thanks God for the deceased and how she blessed the family. The prayer talks about the deceased person’s endearing and impressive characteristics such as her beautiful voice. The deceased had a favorite hymn, the prayer says, titled “When We All Get To Heaven.” The prayer thanks God for preparing a place in heaven for the deceased.