What Are Some Good Brands of Microwave Ovens?

GE and Panasonic are good brands of microwave ovens as of 2015, according to Consumer Search. Other highly rated microwave brands include Samsung, Kenmore, Sharp and Cuisinart.

GE manufactures several microwave ovens, including the Profile Spacemaker. This microwave features moisture sensor-activated automatic cook time adjustment and a removable turntable. Another GE model, the JES2051SNSS, features an extensive pre-set menu and quiet operation. It has a 16-inch turntable, child safety lock and cook delay function.

One of Panasonic’s most popular microwave models is the energy-efficient NN-SN661S. This countertop microwave has a 1.2-square foot cooking chamber and comes with a mounting conversion kit.

Panasonic holds a number of patents for microwave inverter technology that allows its microwaves to adjust the power levels of their microwave generators precisely while cooking food, resulting in more rapid and even cooking. Other microwaves alternate between a few preset levels of cooking power or shut the microwave generator off entirely to modulate the power level of the oven.