What Are Some Good Black Family Reunion Activity Ideas?

Planning a good black family reunion means coming up with ideas for fun activities and events to accommodate both children and adults. Most black family reunions begin with a meet and greet, which gives the family the opportunity to reacquaint with and introduce new family members. Conclude the weekend with a banquet or reception where accomplishments such as graduations, promotions, births and weddings are formally recognized.

Most black family reunions are held in a park or outdoor pavilion. Some families hold the event in a convention center, hall or theme park. If not too expensive, consider reuniting with the family on a cruise ship or taking a safari. For these events, the reunion may last longer than a weekend.

Some families incorporate family history into planned activities. For example, provide the family an opportunity to see their roots by visiting homes where ancestors once lived or schools they once attended. Also, take a trip to cemeteries so the family can visit their loved ones.

Some other ideas include providing the traveling family members a chance to explore the city. For example, let local family members show what makes the city or town unique. For example, visit landmarks, local museums or other tourist attractions.