What Are Some Good Birthday Toasts?

Some good birthday toasts include, “Here’s to You! May you celebrate a lifetime of birthdays and may each one be the birthday of a lifetime,” and “Happy birthday. May you always see life in a large way and, more importantly, in large print.” Toasts may be sentimental, funny or romantic.

Famous sayings and inspirational quotes may also be used for birthday toasts. For example, “To coin the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, a man of true eloquence and beauty, ‘The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.’ May you live a long life that becomes even more beautiful with time.”

Birthday toasts are supposed to be memorable and meaningful. Avoid sharing inappropriate or embarrassing stories about the birthday boy or girl and focus on his or her best qualities instead. Oftentimes, a warm compliment is enough to make the guest of honor feel special.