What Are Some Good Alliance Names?

According to Guild Name Generator, some good alliance names include The Charmed Death, Lunar Stalkers, The Devils Despair, ARCANEWRATH and The Eternal. Random name generators usually offer players the most unique names because they put together combinations of words that most players don’t consider.

Another way to create a good alliance name is to call on the help of the other alliance members. This can be done by involving the interested members in a chat discussion about possible names or creating a forum post where the members can submit possible names. Once names are submitted, a poll can be taken to see which name the alliance members like the best.

Oftentimes, a good alliance name suits the purpose of a specific clan. For example, a clan that helps others benefits from a name that relays that message to other players. Other times, a good clan name is developed around an in-game location, such as a favorite city, mountain or lake.

Most games do not allow different alliances to share the same name. As such, players are forced to come up with an alliance name that is completely unique. Some games, including “EVE Online,” don’t allow alliance names to be even similar. Users cannot choose the name of an alliance that has been abandoned or forgotten, either.