What Is a Gomorrah Party?

Christian Baitg/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Named after the ancient city of Gomarrah, which the Old Testament of the Bible states was destroyed by God as punishment for its wickedness, a Gomarrah party is an event where wild, non-traditional sexual acts are performed, sometimes in public. Gomarrah parties are sometimes called, “orgies,” and may involve group or public sex as well as acts deemed questionable by much of society.

To say a place is “like Sodom and Gomorrah” is a way of describing it as a culture where the sexual behaviors of the inhabitants may be shocking, according to the Macmillan Dictionary. Therefore, a “Gomarrah party” is a place where non-traditional sexual acts are often performed as are acts that would be considered sinful by the Christian religion. These parties may also involve heavy nudity, drugs and alcohol in addition to public sexual acts.

There are an abundance of listings for Gomarrah parties online, many of them written in German, suggesting Gomarrah parties are a worldwide occurrence. Some online invitations bear the warning, ” This event will likely contain some mature content, so attendee discretion is advised.”

Gomarrah parties may be held in private homes or in commercial locations such as private clubs or even hotel conference rooms.