What Is a Golden Birthday Year?

Catherine MacBride/Moment/Getty Images

The golden birthday year is the year that the age a person is matches the date on which their birthday falls. For example, a person who celebrates their birthday on the 27th of June will have a golden birthday in the year the person turn 27.

Depending on the day that a birthday falls on, there are 31 chances for a golden birthday. A person who is older than 31 years will have already passed the golden birthday and will not get a chance at the golden birthday again. Many people miss their golden birthdays because it is not a well-known celebration.

The significance of a golden birthday lies in tradition and what a person believes the golden birthday will be. Some people may take the birthday very seriously and may have lavish gifts available to them. Other people may not be interested in celebrating their golden birthdays or may not know about them before they happen. There are special party themes, gifts and even books that can help people celebrate their golden birthdays. Golden birthdays are celebrated in many different countries, and the birthdays may have more significance in some countries than in other places like the United States.