How Do You Give Yourself Bruises?

John Tindall/Moment/Getty Images

Self-inflicted bruises occur when an individual accidentally bumps into an object hard enough to create a bruise, as well as when an individual intentionally harms themselves through self-hitting or punching. Intentional self harm is a symptom of a serious psychological disorder and this type of behavior must be evaluated and treated by a medical professional.

Individuals that tend to bruise easily often discover bruises in random spots on their bodies with no idea how they got there. Chronic bruising is often a sign of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. It is common for all people to accidentally bump into an end table or counter top and create a self-inflicted bruise, but when bruising seems to occur for no rhyme or reason, it is best for the individual to undergo a complete medical evaluation in order to rule out illness.

Intentional self-harm is a serious mental condition in which individuals intentionally hurt themselves in order to feel a sense of control. Self-cutting and self-punching are the most common self-harm practices, and they are extremely dangerous to the individual’s physical health and mental well-being. Self-harm practices that cause intentional bruising and injury are common in individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety.