Who Was Giuseppe Armani?

Giuseppe Armani was an Italian sculptor born in the village of Calci in 1935. He specialized in both traditional sculpture influenced by the Italian Renaissance and more contemporary styles, including his famous re-imaginings of Disney characters.

From an early age, it was obvious to his parents that Armani possessed a tremendous artistic talent. Family circumstances, however, made his goal of pursuing an art career seem impossible. During a contest for young artists, a local priest was so astonished by Armani’s lifelike sculpture that he took the piece to the Art Gallery in Pisa. The gallery owners agreed that the boy deserved an opportunity to hone and expand his abilities, so they offered him a position at the gallery.

Working at the Art Gallery in Pisa allowed Armani to fulfill his boyhood dream of studying art. He explored the techniques of the Italian Renaissance masters and began perfecting his own unique style. As Armani’s confidence and expertise grew, so too did his reputation for creating sculptures with amazing realism and detail. Florence Art Sculpture, an esteemed studio, offered Armani a position in 1975, promising him complete creative freedom. He was a member of the studio for the remainder of his life, passing away on October 28, 2006.