What Are Some Girls Names With Unique Spellings?

Some girl names with unique spelling include Kamryn, Karlee, Bryleigh and Lauryn. A few other spellings that are also unusual names are Janiyah, Emmalyn and Avah.

One way to change the spelling of a name to make it more unique is to interchange a “c” and a “k” or a hard “ch” to a “k” or a “c.” Some examples include changing Carly to Karlee, Kailey to Caylee, and Chloe to Khloe. It is possible to change these consonants inside of a name, as well, such as changing Danica to Danika or Makayla to Michaela.

Another way to create a unique spelling is to add, omit or change vowels, which is usually done inside the spelling of the name and not at the beginning. Some examples include changing Raina to Reyna, Zoey to Zoie or Jordan to Jordyn. As of 2015, one popular spelling change happens in the long “e” sound, such as changing Bailey to Bailee, Amy to Aimee or Aleah to Alia.

Names that add or remove uncommon consonants are unique, as well. Some examples include changing Alexandra to Alexzandra, Elise to Elyse, or Jasmine to Jazmyn. An “h” or a doubled consonant creates a unique name, such as changing Alana to Alannah, Giselle to Gisselle, or Madison to Maddison.