What Are Some Facts About the Gina Pearson Divorce?

Some facts about the Gina Pearson divorce are that Gina Pearson filed the first paperwork to initiate a divorce from Bishop Carlton Pearson on August 25, 2015, and the divorce does not involve any minor children. Both parties have Tulsa-based attorneys, and Pearson paid various court fees as part of her petition for divorce.

In her complaint for divorce, Pearson states that incompatibility with husband Carlton destroyed the marriage’s goals. Pearson says that continuing the marriage with Carlton is impossible, and she asks the court to dissolve the marriage. One of the parties substituted a new attorney as representation during the proceedings.

Pearson filed the complaint for divorce in the Tulsa County, Oklahoma District Court. With her August 25 filing, Pearson paid a $143 filing fee and other fees such as a law library fee, a dispute mediation fee and other administrative fees. Pearson’s paperwork also includes a petition for temporary relief.

The court initially scheduled the request for temporary relief for an October 6 hearing, but the parties agreed to adjournments of the October 6 and December 8, 2015 court dates. The case history ledger refers to Judge Bruce as the judge presiding over the proceedings. The official case title is “In re the Marriage of: Pearson, Gina M. and Pearson, Carlton, D.” The official case number is FD-2015-2278.

In one social media posting, Carlton Pearson says, “I love my wife dearly and have been married to her for over 20 years.” Pearson also says that a person doesn’t need to be divorced to love and respect divorced people. The parties’ marriage lasted close to 23 years before Pearson’s divorce filing. The couple recently led a series on marriage and relationships.