What Gift Do You Bring to a Open House?

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Appropriate gifts for an open house include flowers, wine, gourmet foods and small household items, according to Emily Post. Gifts should be wrapped or decorated in some way, such as wine placed in a special bag or a ribbon tied around a flower vase.

Flowers are always an appropriate gift, and they should be brought to the event in a vase so that the busy open-house host does not need to locate a container. The vase can be filled with water upon arrival to avoid spillage during transport. Wine is a suitable gift if it is certain that the host consumes alcohol. If other wine is already open at the party, the host may choose to open the gift bottle later. Hosts who love to cook appreciate a gift basket filled with a selection of artisan oils and vinegars, homemade jams and gourmet condiments. The basket can be lined with a colorful kitchen towel for a gift that is decorative and practical.

Gifts for the home are especially appropriate if the open house event is a housewarming. Suitable gifts include decorative kitchen towels, candles, glassware, ornamental picture frames and potted plants. Salt is a traditional housewarming gift, and modern-day versions include salt grinders, salt cellars and colored sea salt.