Why Is Geometry so Important?

Geometry is defined as the area of mathematics dealing with points, lines, shapes and space. Geometry is important because the world is made up of different shapes and spaces. It is broken into plane geometry, flat shapes like lines, circles and triangles, and solid geometry, solid shapes like spheres and cubes.

Geometry helps understanding of spatial relationships. It creates a clear perception of space and position through studying the size and shape of everything in the world. Geometry helps comprehend the measurements and relationships of lines, angles, surfaces and solids found in the everyday world.

Geometry allows people to think in shapes and sizes. Knowing about different shapes and their sizes allows the mind to visualize new things by building with the learned shapes. Geometry can aid in bringing together both sides of the brain. The left side of the brain is the logic-driven, technical side, while the right side is the creative and artistic side. Most people have a dominant right brain or left brain. Geometry can help combine both to create a perfect symmetry between the two sides. Both two- and three-dimensional shapes got their start in geometry. These are now found in television, movies, puzzles and books.