What Are Some Facts About Generation X?

“Generation X” is the term used to describe individuals who were born between the early 1960s and the late 1970s or early 1980s. People from this era were once known as the “baby bust” generation. This is because the birth rate had been extremely high following World War II, giving the previous generation the nickname “baby boomers.”

People from Generation X are often associated with low career expectations and economic unpredictability, regardless of the fact that they tend to be very well-educated. Generation X tends to be comfortable using technology in a work setting due to the fact that they grew up with emerging technologies such as computers. Generation X was the first generation to challenge the deep-rooted notion that each generation is going to be better off than the previous one.

It is believed that the first time the term Generation X was used was in the 1950s when a well-known and respected photographer named Robert Capa first used the term as the title for a photo essay about young people growing up in a post-World War II era.

In 1991, the term Generation X became popular to describe the post-baby boomer generation when a Canadian author named Douglas Coupland wrote a book called “Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture.” The book is about the lives of young adults in the late 1980s.