What Is General Psychology ?

General psychology is the study of the basic theories, principles and methods of psychology, which is the study of the mind. This includes emotions, development, learning, thinking, perception, intelligence, memory, learning and other topics related to the mind.

General psychology is sometimes the colloquial name for a basic psychology course at a school or university. It’s sometimes also the name for a major for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a university. It’s possible to study and major or specialize in just one aspect of psychology, but general psychology is typically required as a prerequisite course in universities for all psychology related study.

Psychology is a diverse and multifaceted science with many branches, focuses and applications. Individuals in the field seek to understand the causes of human behavior using scientific method. Psychology is distinct from sciences such as biology and medicine, as it studies the mostly intangible processes of the mind and emotions, though it sometimes overlaps these disciplines.

Psychological research sometimes includes aspects of cognitive science to study and record activity in the brain and nervous system. It includes the study of psychological pathology. A psychologist often applies psychology methods and knowledge for normalizing and balancing thoughts and behaviors of individuals with temporary or chronic psychological disorders.