What Is Some General Information About Ford’s 460 Big Block Engine?

The Ford 460 big block engine has three-inch main bearings, notes Hot Rod Network. It first appeared in 1968 in Fords and Lincolns.

Ford 460s were made until 1997, a run of 30 years. The engine was used in tugboat Lincolns up to 1978. Later, it was used in full sized Fords and Mercurys. In the 1970s through the 1990s, it appeared in 31/44-ton trucks and E-350 vans. It has applications in the motor home, marine and stationary industries. Since 1987 it has been electronically fuel injected. The Ford 460 was accompanied by the Ford 429, which was used in large Fords other than the Lincoln.

The Ford 460 has a 3.85-inch stroke and a rod length of 6.605 inches. This makes the rod length to stroke ratio 1.71:1.

The torque specifications for a Ford 460 engine include main caps, which torque to 105 ft-lbs., notes BoxWrench.net. The connecting rod bolts are lubricated with engine oil and torque to 45 ft-lbs. The cam bolt torques to 45 ft-lbs. and is sealed with thread locker. The oil pan torques to 15 ft-lbs. and is sealed with engine oil. The flexplate and flywheel torque to 85 ft-lbs. and are sealed with thread locker.