What Are Some General Duties of a City Council Member?

The general duties of a city council member include acting with the entire city council to formulate policies, supervise administrative officers of the city and work to conduct policy concerning not only the current state of the city they represent, but the future of the city as well. A city council member does not have power individually, but collectively with the entire city council.

The biggest role a city council member must fill is participation at city council meetings. Council members have the power to make and second motions, vote on matters presented before the council and partake in discussions. In a city that has five-member councils, any two council members can call a special meeting. In a city that has seven-member councils, any three members can call a meeting. The council members should ensure proper notice is given.

An individual council member cannot supervise city employees unless otherwise directed by the entire council. An individual member cannot give orders, but the entire council has authority over the city’s administrative affairs. This means a council member can work to enact legislation for the city, set and interpret rules in relation to the city’s proceedings, direct the enforcement of city laws, protect the welfare of city residents, and appoint members of city boards.