What Are All of the Gatorade Flavors?

As of 2014, flavors for the original Gatorade Thirst Quencher include orange, cool blue, fruit punch, lemon-lime, lemonade, lime cucumber and rain berry. Gatorade Frost is a lighter version of the original and includes frost glazier freeze, frost orange strawberry and frost riptide rush. Gatorade Fierce has bolder flavors such as fierce apple green, fierce grape, fierce melon and fierce strawberry.

Gatorade G2 is the lightest version of this popular drink. Its flavors are tropical blend, blueberry pomegranate, fruit punch, glazier freeze, grape and lemon-lime. Gatorade’s G Endurance carb energy drink is made in lime and berry flavors. Gatorade Endurance Formula has twice the amount of sodium and triple the amount of potassium as original Gatorade. This powder formulation is available in orange and lemon lime flavors.

Gatorade drinks generally maintain their flavor during the recommended shelf life period. They are safe to consume past the use by date, although, there may a slight change in taste and color. When purchasing Gatorade drinks it is important to make sure the beverage is tightly sealed and contents don’t have an unpleasant odor. Gatorade flavors in opened bottles remain fresh for an average of three to five days, as long as bottles are refrigerated within 24 hours. The flavor of Gatorade is damaged if frozen.