What Gases Are Found in Car Exhaust Fumes?

tioloco/E+/Getty Images

Exhaust fumes from cars contain carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are particularly dangerous as they are toxic and carcinogenic. Water vapor is also a part of the exhaust fumes.

Carbon dioxide contributes to global warming. Nitrous oxides enter the bloodstream through the lungs and do irreparable damage to cells and tissues.

Exhaust gases are produced by the combustion of gasoline and diesel in the internal combustion engine of cars and other vehicles. These gases are released through an exhaust pipe, generally found at the rear of cars.

Pollution from cars is a major factor in environmental pollution. The number of cars on the road is rising, and most of this vehicular pollution is in regions with high population density.