What Gas Stations Sell Faygo?

To find out which gas stations and other store locations sell Faygo soda, visit Faygo.com and fill out the online form at the company’s website. The company responds with information about where to buy Faygo locally. Various flavors of Faygo soda can also be purchased online from retailers.

There are up to 42 flavor varieties of Faygo soda. According to the Detroit News, most states east of the Mississippi River sell the popular soda. Red pop is the top selling flavor. Other flavors that can be picked up at a convenience store are orange, grape, black cherry, rock & rye and creme soda. Faygo is among the oldest soda brands that still resonate with consumers. Detroit News notes that Baby Boomers and other generations have fond memories of drinking the soda while growing up. The company remains competitive by giving consumers fun flavors to enjoy, while continuing to offer traditional favorites. For example, cotton candy is just one of its unique flavors.

The Detroit Historical Society notes that Faygo originally got its start as the creation of two brothers, Ben and Perry Feigenson. The brothers developed soda flavors based on bakery frosting flavors. The first flavors were grape, fruit punch and strawberry.