What Was the Gas Monkey Garage Scandal?

The Gas Monkey Garage scandal, also referred to as the “Spank My Monkey” scandal, involved the well-known hot rod garage, Coker Tire and the validity of a car the two were offering to give away at a Specialty Equipment Marketing Association show. The initial situation began with people questioning the car that was being given away because it was almost identical to other cars the show and parties involved had offered as a giveaway before.

The situation escalated when the promotional video done for the show and garage was questioned due to inappropriate material and an appeal was made to the parties involved to remove it or redo it. After the appeal, Coker Tire’s management at the time defended the video and members of the staff left veiled threats for the forum staff on the website. While the company took responsibility for the posts coming from their company, they refused to apologize. Even the Discovery channel was implicated in the ordeal due to their support of the Gas Monkey Garage and their appearances on the channels shows like “Overhaulin’.” There were legal claims made about the material that Spankmymarketer had on their website regarding the Discovery Channel, but the claims would not hold up in court, so the information about the scandal is still available for the public to view on their website and includes links and information about various aspects of the events.