What Is the Gas Mileage for the Can Am Spyder?

The 2014 Can Am Spyder has an average gas mileage of 36.5 mpg. The exact specifications, however, tend to vary with weather conditions, terrain and rider habits. In addition to regular riding mode, the Can Am Spyder comes with an Eco mode, which helps improve fuel economy, but causes a slight drop in throttle performance.

The Can Am Spyder is a three-wheeled motorcycle. Launched in 2007, by Bombardier Recreational Products, it comes under three different trims: RS, RT and ST. The RS Series marks the sports version. It features a build similar in style and design to conventional sports bikes. The RT series is the touring version, and comes with a top case and integrated saddlebags. The ST offers a mix of both trims. The sports-touring bike also come with saddlebags, which are removable, and features a sportier build. The Can Am Spyder may feature either a manual or semi-automatic transmission. Standard safety features with the Spyder include antilock brakes, traction control and a stability control system.

Riders can improve the fuel economy of the Spyder by adopting healthy driving habits, such as slowing down, avoiding quick accelerations, checking the tire pressure and turning off the engine whenever they have to stop for a while, such as while waiting for a train.