What Are the Gameshark Codes for Metroid Fusion?

There are many GameShark codes for Metroid Fusion on the Game Boy Advance, according to BS Free. In order to enter these codes, the game cartridge must be inserted into the GameShark device and then, inserted into the Game Boy Advance. First, enter the Enable Code: “00000F6D 000A” and “100008B4 0007.” Entering these codes allows all other cheats to be activated.

To turn on the invulnerability code, enter “33001249 0001.” This causes Samus to avoid damage throughout the game. Stop the event timer by entering “830008D8 00DA.” Faster shots are enabled by entering “3300124E 0000.” This code allows Samus to make rapid fire shots without pauses between firing.

Code “83001252 A001” enables fast running, allowing Samus to run at maximum speed without fatigue. To enable the moon jump, enter “74000130 03FE” and “83001260 0040.” The moon jump gives Samus drastically increased jump height. For infinite missiles, enter “83001314 03E7.” To have maximum, but not unlimited, missiles, enter “83001316 03E7.” Code “33001318 0063” arms Samus with an infinite number of super bombs.

If a player is seeking an extra-challenging form of play, he can turn of all missiles and bombs with code “3300131B 0000.” Unlock all weapons, suits and special abilities prior to obtaining them through normal play by entering “4300131A FFFF” and “00000003 0002.” Enter “820382E4 0000” to suspend the in-game timer and set it to 00:00.