What Are Some Games to Play at a Ladies’ Luncheon?

Some games to play at a ladies’ luncheon include the “Famous Person Game” and “Telephone.” As of 2015, detailed instructions for both of these games are available at TheDailyMeal.com for free.

In the “Famous Person Game,” each person affixes a sticker to her forehead with the name of a famous person written on it. Players can ask other people yes-and-no questions about the famous person on her own sticker. Players must begin the questions in the first person. The player who correctly guesses her famous person wins.

To play “Telephone” someone comes up with a phrase or piece of news and whispers it to her neighbor. The neighbor whispers it to the next person. Each person can only whisper what she thinks she heard once. When the gossip makes it around the table, the last woman states what she heard out loud, and the person who started it repeats the original phrase.