What Is a Game That Is Similar to Baseball?

One game that is similar to baseball is rounders, an English game traditionally played by students and consisting of hitting a ball and running around four posts laid out in a diamond pattern. A few distinctions from baseball and rounders are that the posts are sticks instead of flat bases and that the fourth post is located away from the batting area.

Another difference between the two bat and ball games is that in rounders, there is no established foul zone and a ball can land anywhere on the field of play. A ball is considered to be “good” if it is pitched or bowled in a zone between a player’s knees and the top of their head.

Rounders is considered to be a predecessor to baseball; each batter must hit the ball and can be called out if the hit is caught before it lands or if an opposing player touches the ball to a post while the play is active. Unlike baseball, a batter in rounders can run even if the ball isn’t hit, trying to run the bases before another pitch is thrown.

Played with a hard ball, a game of rounders lasts for five to seven innings and is an underhand game, as opposed to baseball.