What Is the Game Called Where People Guess the Name of a Movie Based on Drawings?

This game is called charades. The rules of play can be modified, making the game suitable for all ages or cover multiple topics, including movies and television shows.

The only equipment needed to play charades is a clock or stopwatch, a pen and strips of paper. Divide into teams of even number players and work together to write titles on the paper. Trade the titles to the other team to act out. When acting out a title, one person from the team tries to get his team members to guess the title from the paper without talking before time runs out. To indicate an old film, the player cranks his or her hand like an old-fashioned movie camera. To indicate a book, they pretend to be reading a book. For a television show, they draw a square in their air with their pointer finger to simulate a television screen. The team who correctly guesses the most number of titles wins.