What Are Some Funny Table Topics?

Some funny ideas for table topics are “the art critic,” “the irrelevant word game” and “unusual places.” Each of these short, topic-related games helps break the ice between strangers and encourages team building by asking the participants to describe humorous or absurd situations.

“The art critic” is a table topic that involves handing a person a poorly drawn sketch and asking him to describe it the way he thinks a serious art critic would. This game often has funny results, as it requires one to approach a very silly object with a serious demeanor.

To play the “irrelevant word game,” ask one person to begin speaking about a simple situation. Then, tell the audience to yell out random words that the narrator must include in her story. For example, if a speaker is talking about her trip to the zoo and someone interjects with the word “aliens,” the speaker then needs to include something about aliens in her story to successfully play the game.

“Unusual places” involves asking everyone at the table to pick strange places to live and then defend why their choices are actually excellent locations. Hearing people describe why living at the bottom of a swamp, at the top of an active volcano or on a deserted island is likely to be very funny and captivating.