What Are Some Funny Poems About Turning 65?

Some funny poems about turning 65 are “Age is Just a Number” and “I Still Don’t Believe.” Another funny poem about turning 65 that lists the birthday celebrant’s positive qualities is “To Someone Who is Sixty Five” by Sally McIntyre.

“Age is Just a Number” begins by saying that a person’s grace doesn’t change as she grows older. The poem says that the person’s birthday is a “super happy” day and that she becomes younger each day instead of older. The poem ends by saying that nothing changes when a person turns 65. The author wishes good health and happiness for the person celebrating the birthday.

In “I Still Don’t Believe,” the writer says that she doesn’t believe the birthday celebrant is celebrating her 65th birthday. The writer states that the person celebrating the birthday still looks “younger by the day” and “sexy all the way.” The writer tells the celebrant to party with enthusiasm. She wishes the celebrant happiness, God’s blessings and good health.

In her poem “To Someone Who is Sixty Five,” McIntyre vertically writes out the letters that make up the spelling of the number 65. She then writes one line that begins with each letter. She says that “S is for serious,” the letter “I” stands for “irresistible,” “X” stands for “extra nice,” “T” stands for “terrific” and “Y” stands for “you.” After reading through all the letters, she wishes the celebrant a happy birthday.