What Are Some Funny Native American Names?

One unusual female name from the Native American Algonquian tribe is “Nittawosew,” meaning “She is not sterile.” “Hevantaneo” is a masculine name in the Cheyenne tribe meaning “Hairy Rope.”

A Native American name is a description of the child based on events surrounding birth, personality characteristics or events in nature. In modern Native American families, a person’s Native American name is commonly a second name. The Christian name is usually listed first. A Native American name can also change with adulthood. For example, one unusual female name in the Native American Hopi tribe is “Kokyangwuti,” meaning “spider woman at middle age.” On the male side, “Demothi” means “talks while walking.” The Christian name is generally carried permanently.

Naming standards differ depending on the Native American tribe. Some Native American practices for naming include passing names to children from an honored relative or elder. Many tribes have naming ceremonies in which names are exclusively chosen or used. The Navajo tribes in the western United States only use family titles, such as “Brother” or “Sister,” outside of ceremonies. The Hopi tribe in Arizona names children through ceremonies 20 days after they are born. In some cases, a person can have several Native American names throughout life.