What Are Some Funny Insults Directed at Bald Men?

Some funny insults for bald men include nicknames like “chrome dome,” “cue ball” and “baldy.” Many men who are bald or balding comically prefer to be referred to as “follicly challenged.”

The humorous jokes about bald men do not end at descriptive nicknames. Sometimes, the insults require some physical interaction such as one person saying, “First one to the moon,” and then touching a bald man’s head. Others involved making a comparison between a bald head and an object such as a mirror. This would be something along the lines of “You’re so bald, I can see my reflection.”

Other humorous jokes about baldness involve spheres such as “You’re so bald I rub your head to see the future,” comparing a man’s hairless head to a fortune teller’s crystal ball. There are also references to animals that have no hair such as “You’re so bald, when you wear a turtleneck you look like [said animal].” Another bald joke that involves that article of clothing is “You’re so bald, when you wear a turtleneck, you look like a roll-on deodorant.”

Some of the humorous jokes about bald men are anatomically oriented, such as “When two bald men put their heads together, they make a [posterior] out of themselves.”