What Are Some Funny Horse Names for a Night at the Races?

Ian Robertson/CC-BY-2.0

Some funny racehorse names include Maythehorsebewithyou, Sotally Tober, Onoitsmymothernlaw, DoReMiFaSaLaTiDo and Spineless Jellyfish. Well-known racehorse names such as Secretariat, Affirmed, Seattle Slew and Smarty Jones are famous because these horses did well in some of the biggest horse races in the United States. However, some racehorse owners choose funny names to register for races at the track just to get noticed.

The horse Notacatbutallama received its name when owner Mike Repole’s wife played Cranium with her husband. The clue “dog” appeared, and Repole hinted, “Not a cat but a…” to which the owner’s wife replied, “llama.”

A horse called Pianist is not necessarily funny, but track announcer Larry Collmus told America’s Best Racing that the word is difficult to say with the final “t” sound. Likewise, Flat Fleet Feet is a tongue twister racing around the track. Hoof Hearted plays on words when the two terms are said quickly.

Some English horses who reported for duty on race day in March 2014 include Shakalakaboomboom, Top Totti and King Vevuzela. Two in the Pink won two races in 2013, despite Jimmy Carr coining the phrase. Passing Wind won two races over his career, showing a funny name sometimes leads to victory.