What Are Some Funny Fishing Team Names?

Many funny names for fishing teams rely on wordplay, such as “Aquaholics Anonymous,” “Anchor Management,” “Fantasea,” “Bass Finatics,” “Tale Chasers,” “Layin in Wake” and “Dennis Rodmen.” Other examples of names that use word sounds or puns to bring about smiles include, “Heel on Reels,” “Reel Men,” “Reel Ladies,” “Hooked on Fishing,” “Cast Your Faith,” “Happy Ours,” “Fish Tales,” “AmBassadeurs” and “Happy Hookers.”

Fishing team names also poke fun at themselves. Some of these are “Fishin’ Fools,” “Lure Losers,” “Bass Ackwards Bass Club,” “Puddle Jumpers,” “Filthy Oars,” “Cast-A-Ways” and “Beginners’ Choice.” Other self-deprecating names are “Nothin’ But Toads,” “Show Me,” “Sea Hags,” “Boat Junkies,” “Girls Gone Jigging,” “The Lucky Buggers,” “Like a Fish Out of Water… Literally” and “The Pirate Fisharrrrrrrmen.”

Certain humorous names signify the teams’ locations, including “Bayou Bandits,” “River Ratz,” “Offshore Maniacs,” “Goin’ Deep” and “The Muddy Rudders.” Amusing names that suggest types of fishing boats are “Filthy Oars,” “Arctic Yakateers,” “Yak Scratch Fever,” “Yak Rats,” “The Cracker Yaks” and “Attack from the Yak.”

Teams also identify their goals in names, such as “Hawg Hunters,” “Keep the Boat Afloat,” “Bass Bandits,” “Boss Hawgs,” “3 Weeks Fishing,” “Bass Masters” and “Lunkers Unlimited.” This wishful thinking also includes “Bass Busters,” “Hookem Anglers,” “Bait Buddies,” “Trout Bums” “Hawg Wild,” “Lunker Lovers” and “Fish On!”