What Are Some Funny Chili Cook Off Team Names?

Some funny chili cook off team names include Hunks of Burnin’ Love, Mean Mama Chili, Hell Hath No Fury, and Mean Mama Chili. Other names include Bowls of Steel, Racy Hot Pot, Ring of Fire, Afterburn, The Chilidawgs, Chili Chili Bang Bang and Beans and Jeans, as stated by CustomInk.

In addition, some other funny chili cook off team names include Spice Miners, Charlie Sheen’s Beans, Can’t Beat My Meat, Dude, Where’s My Chili?, Just Chilin, The Habanero is my Companero, Bachelor Chow, Spicy Saucy and Sassy, Three Girls Chili, Out of Our League Chili, The Boss Chili, Staplehouse Chili, Somethings Burning, Hunks…of Meat, The Chily Willies, I Don’t Know What the Heck to Call It, 3 Broads Chili, Uncle Chuckles Chili, Shagadilli Chili, Home Run Chili, Fat Boys Chili, Electric Chili, Gut Busters, Knock-Out Chili, Pappy’s Hot Stuff, Goodfella’s Gangster Chili and The Habanero Special, as noted by Chomp and Stomp and Wabash Cannonball Chili for Charity.

Other humorous and unusual chili cook off names include The Cult of Chili, Brisky Business, Chippewa Squaws, Slammer Chili, As Seen On TV, What’chu Talkin’ ’bout Chilis, Team Awesome, Baby Makers, District 12, Thunderpants Chili, Clownbite, Macktown Chili Co., Hot As Molten, Backdraft, Carma-Dillo Chili, Copy Cats, Chili Pepper Fun, Shorty’s Chili, TNT Chili, Slammer Chili and The Wild Bunch.