What Are the Fundamental Skills of Badminton?

To master the fundamental skills required for badminton, it’s important to understand the proper grip on the racket and to be able to serve and return the shuttlecock to the opposing player. The shuttlecock, or shuttle, must go over the net and land in the opponent’s side of the court.

There are a few basic rules of badminton that a newcomer must learn. The shuttle must be served with an underhand stroke and struck while it is still below the waist. The shuttle can only touch the racket one time on each serve or return, and it must be hit before it touches the floor.

Badminton can be played by two players in a singles match or by four players in a doubles match. Badminton is played on a rectangular court with a net stretched across the middle. The game begins when one player serves. The other player returns the shuttle and begins the rally. A rally continues until the shuttle is either not returned, hits the net or goes outside the opponent’s court boundaries. A point is scored by the player who wins the rally, and a game is played to 21 points. A match is made up of three games.