What Is the Fuel Consumption of an Airbus A320?

Deni Williams/CC-BY 2.0

The fuel consumption of an Airbus A320 is approximately 77 miles per gallon per seat. The average A320 typically has 150 seats that are divided by a single aisle.

The fuel consumption of the Airbus A320 can vary depending on the distance traveled and how much weight it is carrying. Carrying a heavier cargo load or more fuel can have adverse effects to the A320’s fuel economy as more weight requires more fuel. By comparison, the larger Airbus A380 with 500 seats typically averages 65 miles per gallon per seat. The Boeing 737-300 averages about 68 miles per gallon per seat, and the Boeing 767-400ER sports a more fuel efficient 96 miles per gallon per seat.