What Are Some Fruits That Start With the Letter “H”?

Huckleberry, honeydew melon, huito and horned melon are fruits that start with the letter “H.” Hawthorn trees also produce round fruits that resemble apples and are often referred to as “haws” or “hawthorn fruit.”

Huckleberries are round, edible fruits with deep red, purple or blue coloring. They are similar in size to blueberries, and they are available in different varieties, ranging from sweet to tart in flavor. Huckleberries are found in the Ericaceae plant family and are native to North America, where they often grow wild.

Honeydew is a smooth, oval-shaped melon that is usually pale green or yellow on the outside and contains seeds. The ripened fruit is sweet and juicy, making it a common snack and dessert food. Honeydew melons were originally grown in Algeria and France and are also called “white antibes.”

Huito, or Genipa Americana, is a fruit of the Rubiaceae family and is primarily grown in Latin American countries. This round melon-like fruit is consumed cooked or raw and is used as a flavor additive and a natural dye. Huito is also valued for its medicinal properties and is used to relieve symptoms related to respiratory conditions.

Horned melon, or kiwano, is a vibrant yellow-orange fruit with a distinct spiky exterior. Commonly eaten in Africa, New Zealand and Australia, horned melon is filled with moist green seedy flesh that is easy to squeeze out and consume as a snack.