What Fruits Grow on Vines?


Many types of fruit grow on vines, most famously grapes and melons, but also more exotic fruits such as kiwis, dragon fruit and passion fruit. Tomatoes are also well-known vine fruits, although many people tend to think of them as vegetables.

Fruit vines grow in a variety of ways. Some vines grow outward, spreading horizontally while staying close to the ground. Other vines grow upward and require a trellis or building to support them. Vine plants are found throughout the world, but depending on a region’s climate and soil quality, different vine fruits may be more or less common.

Grapes are one of the most famous vine fruits. Trained on a support system such as a tree or fence, they can grow very tall. Grapes can be used to make wine or be eaten directly off the vine.

Melon plants grow on a vine close to the ground, spreading outward throughout the season. Commonly cultivated melons include watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe.

Other vine fruits are dragon fruit and passion fruit, two more exotic plants found in hot environments. These vines produce fruit quickly. A well-cared for passion fruit vine can grow up to 20 feet per year, while dragon fruits can be harvested up to six times per year.