What Is a Fruit or Vegetable That Starts With the Letter “X?”

One fruit or vegetable that begins with the letter “X” is the xigua. Other examples of fruits or vegetables that begin with an “X” include the xylocarp and ximenia.

Xigua is a melon that originated in Africa, and it has a green rind and an edible inside that is fleshy pink. In America, the xigua is referred to by its more recognizable name, watermelon.

The term xylocarp refers to any fruit that has a hard, woody outer layer. One example of a xylocarp is the coconut.

Ximenia is a type of edible fruit that is grown on the African ximenia tree. The small fruit is less than 2 inches long and contains one seed. Depending on the variety, the ximenia is yellow, orange or red with white spots when ripe. The fruit tastes tart and bitter and is a favorite of birds.