What Is a Fruit That Starts With the Letter K?

There are at least 21 culinary fruits that start with the letter K. A culinary fruit is a fruit that is considered edible in at least one culture around the world. One of the most popular fruits that begins with K is the kiwifruit, often known simply as “kiwi.”.

Besides the kiwi, the following edible fruits begin with K: kabosu, kaffir lime, kahikatea, kakadu lime, kakadu plum, kandis, kapok, karkalla, karonda, kei apple, kepel fruit, keule, key lime, kitembilla, kiwano, korlan

kumquat, kundong, kutjera and kwai muk. There are also variations of those fruits that begin with the letter K, for example, kiwi berries, a variation of the kiwi.