What Are the Four Basic Types of Prayer in the Catholic Church?

The four basic types of prayers are prayers of blessing and adoration, prayers of petition, prayers of intercession and prayers of thanksgiving. Prayers can be mental or verbal, but all types of prayer are considered to be a form of communication between an individual and God.

The first type of Catholic prayer, called blessing and adoration, is prayer that expresses praise or honor towards God and acknowledges his role as Creator and Father. The second type of prayer, prayers of petition, is any prayer that seeks help, support or guidance from God, whether for oneself or for others. The third basic type of prayer, prayers of intercession, are prayers on the behalf of others that ask God to intercede as Jesus did in the world or in the lives of others, thereby demonstrating God’s love and mercy. The fourth type of Catholic prayer, prayers of thanksgiving, thank God for any blessings and gifts that have been granted.