How Do You Find the Fort Benning Infantry Graduation Dates?

Graduation dates for infantry battalions at Fort Benning are available on each battalion’s page at Benning.Army.Mil, as of 2015. The layout of battalion pages vary, but pages typically have links labeled Graduation Dates or Graduation Information.

To view graduation dates on Benning.Army.Mil, visit the site’s home page and place the cursor over Basic Training. On the drop-down menu that appears, click on an infantry battalion. On the battalion’s page, click on Graduation Dates or Graduation Information. The schedule may be a page on the site or a PDF document, depending on the battalion.

Graduation schedules list the start date and graduation date for each unit. The schedule may highlight any changes and include notes when necessary.

Graduation information for each soldier is available after that soldier’s assignment to a training company. However, graduation dates can change, and soldiers that don’t meet the necessary requirements don’t graduate.

The day before infantry graduation is the family day, also known as the “turning blue” ceremony, when each soldier receives a blue infantry cord. The commander releases soldiers for the day after this ceremony, and also releases them after the graduation ceremony, although the time of release varies for each soldier. Fort Benning allows soldiers to invite as many guests as they want to both ceremonies, and tickets are unnecessary.