What Does an “as Is” Form for Selling a Car Include?

An as-is form for selling a car is a written agreement or bill of sale signed by the seller and buyer that transfers ownership to the buyer to from the owner. The form stipulates that the owner sells the car as-is, or with no warranty.

Most standard bill of sale forms used in private transactions assume that the sale is as-is and have wording that stipulates that the vehicle is sold as-is. It may include additional language that puts the buyer on notice that there is no warranty, either expressed or implied. A bill of sale form from a dealer may include a check box that stipulates whether it is an as-is sale or a sale with a warranty. The form also includes details about the car, including the year, make, model, mileage and VIN. The form stipulates the selling price of the car and serves as proof the buyer can use when registering the car for a license plate and obtaining insurance.

Some as-is bill of sale forms may include language that gives the buyer of the vehicle time to inspect the car, or have it inspected, and indicates that he or she accepts the car in its condition at the time of sale.