What Ford Vehicles Can Be Towed Behind a Motorhome?

Ford publishes an annual RV and trailer towing guide that explains which Ford vehicles can be towed behind a motorhome, including models that may be towed four-wheels-down – without a dolly or trailer. Available at Fleet.Ford.com, the Ford RV and trailer towing guides detail speed restrictions and proper procedures for safely towing a vehicle behind a motorhome.

Check the owner’s manual for vehicle-specific towing instructions and precautions. Older model vehicles with automatic transmissions are usually not safe to tow with all four wheels down, although many RV dealers offer flat-towing kits for sale. Ford cautions every owner to check his new vehicle warranty guide before using flat-towing kits to ensure he does not void his vehicle warranty.

For certain front-wheel-drive Ford models, a tow dolly or tow-bar is the best option. Ford advises drivers to carefully follow all of the instructions included with the tow dolly or tow-bar for hitching and vehicle loading. In most cases, tow dollies are not intended for use with all-wheel-drive, 4×4 or rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

Ford recommends that all towed vehicles, dollies and trailers be equipped with a separate brake system. The towing guides list all of the equipment and towing accessories required to protect the vehicle warranty.