What Is the Ford Lariat Package?

The Lariat package is a specialized series of upgrades and car add-ons that are offered for the Ford F-150 pickup truck. This package contains a variety of internal upgrades and exterior paint job options. This makes the Lariat design and structural options unique to the F-150 line and ensures that it is visibly identifiable compared to other pickups.

The Ford Lariat detail and extras package offers F-150 pickup truck owners a different look and modern appeal to the trucks they love. These options include visual upgrades to interior amenities and external paint jobs, as well as engine enhancements that make the pickup more efficient for work and recreation.

The Lariat upgrade offers matching door handles in the same color as the primary body color as the F-150. These handles are recessed and open more smoothly than standard options. They also offer SYNC technology in radio and GPS options with telescoping side-view mirrors that also light up and strobe.

Ford F-150 Lariat package options also provide a superior roll cage and reinforced steel body make it durable for off-roading and job site usage. It also has an enhanced engine that has more torque and greater pull compared to the standard F-150 specifications.