What Is a Ford F600 Dump Truck?

The Ford F-600 dump truck is a commercial variant of the F-body chassis. It was initially available as a medium-duty 2-ton chassis and sold to be used as a large flatbed truck or school bus.

The Ford F-600 was introduced into the commercial automobile market in 1946. Originally called the Ford F-6, these earlier variations were built to handle between 14,000 and 16,000 pounds of gross weight. Uses for the Ford F-600 included fire trucks, dump trucks and tow trucks. The series changed in appearance, design and power throughout its available generations.

Third generation (1957 to 1960)

The F-600 was released with rounded body panels and a four-wheel-drive system, and was recognized for being used as a fire truck.

Fourth, fifth and sixth generations (1961 to 1979)

The fourth-generation F-600 truck featured a revised chassis and design that positioned the body closer to the ground. Later variants used the same chassis with updated round body panels and larger engines.

Seventh and eighth generations (1980 to 1991)

Although the seventh-generation models introduced a larger chassis, the cabin of the F-600 stayed the same size. Consumers had the option to use either 400 CID engines or 420 CID diesel variants in their F-600.

Final generation (1992 to 1997)

In 1992, the last generation of the Ford F-600 truck was introduced. The body was redesigned featuring large fenders, a unique oval grill and larger cabin. Ford continued F-600 production until the end of 1997. The model was then replaced by Ford’s Super Duty series.