What Are Some Foods That Have the Word “mole” in Them?

Some examples of foods that contain the word “mole” in the name are Mole Poblano, Chicken Mole and guacamole. The word “mole” is derived from the Aztec word for sauce, and it is commonly found throughout Mexico.

Mole Poblano is dark, rich sauce made from a variety of chiles and other food items, dating back hundreds of years in Mexican culture. While there are countless variations, most involve a similar set of ingredients: garlic, tomatoes, peanuts, chipotle chiles, mulatto chiles, Mexican chocolate and cinnamon. The ingredients are prepared and added, one at a time, to a large frying pan and cooked with oil and chicken stock. As each ingredient melts and begins to soften, various spices and seasonings are added to give it a sweet or spicy taste, as desired. The food takes several hours to reduce down to a sauce, so it is best to cook it with at least a few hours of time available.

Chicken Mole uses a traditional mole sauce as the main flavoring ingredient to chicken legs or breasts. The sauce can be prepared at home from scratch, or purchased ready-made from a store or restaurant. It can be served over rice or with beans and vegetables with a side of tortilla chips.

Guacamole is a dip made from avocados, along with lemon juice and various seasonings. It can be eaten with chips and vegetables, or spread over sandwiches and burritos.