What Are Some Foods That Start With the Letter “H”?

Some foods that start with the letter “H” include ham, hamburger, hare, haricot verts, haricot beans, hazelnuts and hominy. Many foods that start with “H” are fish, including haddock, hoki, halibut, hake and herring.

Haricot verts are simply green beans. They are thin and delicate and should be eaten when they are young. Haricot beans are dried beans that are softened and cooked in pots with chunks of meat, or haricots. They include flageolets, cannellini, pea beans and navy beans.

There is a great variety of hams, which come from the leg of the pig. Some pigs are grown exclusively for the quality of their hams. Boiling hams can be bought cooked or raw. One type includes York ham, with delicate pink flesh and translucent white fat. Smithfield ham comes from Virginia and must be cured to strict standards. Westphalian ham comes from acorn fed pigs from Germany.

Herring is a small, cold-water fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Hake is a small, silvery fish that is related to the cod. It is sold as whiting in the United States and has a delicate white flesh. Halibut can be a huge fish and is considered a flat fish. It has an excellent flavor.